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hostnine coupons 2016

What is the Biggest Problem a Blogger or an Affiliate Marketer Faces? Getting a Hosting which is Reliable, Trustworthy and Cheap!

Sooner or Later, Every Blogger or an Affiliate Marketer faces this issue that “What webhosting is the best?” and then develop a line permanently in their brain that finding a good host is hard and risky.

First of all, No, It is not so hard to find a good web host if you do the proper research and choose the plan which is the best for you. You can do nothing with a Pro Plan with a website have 0 Traffic.

hostnine coupons 2016

So, I am today reviewing a web host company called “Hostnine” & at end I’ll provide you the best deals and coupons of hostnine.

The Review Starts!

Hostnine is a webhost company started in 2006 and now it is 2016. 10 Years of Experience is not easy, It is an experienced yet becoming a big player in the market now. It has several features but to save time, Let’s jump into the Pros and Cons of this Hosting Sevice. Here are some pros, which I’ve listed in the review.

Pros of using Hostnine

#1 Easy to understand and User Friendly

This hosting service has a very Easy to understand interface and is good for newbies or beginners. You don’t need to be a pro or a techie, The website is very easy to understand and has a very fabulous User Interface.

#2  45 Day Money Back guarantee and Free Site Migration

Yes. Hostnine will not charge anything to migrate your website or blog from another host to their Hosting service. Another thing is that they provide a 45 day money back guarantee which many other hosts do not provide. So, It is Worth trying!

#3 Fast Hosting ServicE

Yes, it is a fast host which is great because it will speed up your website too. And Google considers Page speed also as a ranking factor. So, Choosing hostnine will initially boost some rankings.

Now, As we all know that every hosting service has their Own Cons too. Lets take a look at the cons.

Cons of Using Hostnine

#1 Somewhat Decent Uptime

Hostnine has a decent uptime. If your site gets high traffic then it can result in the loss of few bucks because of site being down. I would not recommend this hosting for event blogging.

#2 Poor Customer Service

Yes, hostnine has a poor customer service because it takes around 15 – 30 minutes to their executive to reply on a chat and sometime they just don’t reply to our mails which is definitely not good for a reputated hosting service.

Hostnine Coupons 2016

Despite being a cheap hosting, Hostnine offers discounts, deals and many coupons which can get you the same thing for a cheap rate. Please Click on the link down below to get a discount on any   purchase on hostnine. Here is the best hostnine coupons code which will get you 50% Discount:

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Hostnine is a decent hosting service but I think they will improve themselves in future. This was the honest review of hostnine and stay hungry and stay foolish.

Do let us know if you have any doubts regarding “Hostnine Coupons Code & Review” in the comment section below. Keep visiting Hostnine Coupons Code for more.

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